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规格:长:47cm   宽:35cm


Huang Yongyu "gladiator figure"

specifications: Length: 47cm wide: 35cm

cooperation: Auction (Xiamen)

黄永玉,1924年7月9日出生在湖南省凤凰县城沱江镇。土家族人,受过小学和不完整初级中学教育。因家境贫苦,12岁就外出谋生,流落到安徽、福建山区小瓷作坊做童工,后来辗转到上海、台湾和香港。14岁开始发表作品,以后一段时间主攻版画,其独具风格的版画作品饮誉国内外。十六岁开始以绘声绘色画画及木刻谋生。自学美术,文学,为“一代鬼才”,是一位精湛绘画的丹青大师。,他设计的猴票和酒鬼酒包装家喻户晓。其人博学多识, 诗书画俱佳,亦是诗、杂文、散文、小说、剧本的大家,画过《阿诗玛》、生肖邮票《猴》和毛主席纪 念堂山水画等,在海内外享誉甚高。曾任学校教员、报社编辑、电影编剧及中央美术学院教授,中国画院院士、中国美术家协会副主席等等

Huang Yongyu was born on July 9,1924, in the town of Tuo River, Phoenix County, Hunan Province. The Tujia people, who have received primary school and incomplete middle school education. Because of poor family, 12-year-old out for a living, living in Anhui, Fujian Province, small porcelain workshops child labor, and later moved to Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He began publishing at the age of 14 and later devoted himself to printmaking. His unique style of printmaking has won him wide acclaim both at home and abroad. He began to make a living as a painter and woodcutter at the age of 16. Self-study Fine Arts, literature, for the "generation of talent" , is a masterful painting of the painting. He is famous for designing monkey tickets and packaging for drunks and drunks. He is also a master of poetry, essays, essays, novels and plays. He has painted "Ashima" , the Zodiac Stamp "monkey" , and Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall Landscape Painting, and is well known at home and abroad. He has served as a faculty member, newspaper editor, film writer and China Central Academy of Fine Arts Professor, academician of Chinese Painting Academy, Vice Chairman of China Artists Association, and so on.


Huang Yongyu was a man of legend. Some say he was an artistic prodigy as a child, who taught himself nothing about printmaking, oil painting, Chinese Painting and sculpture. Others say he was one of Hong Yi's three foreign disciples who learned calligraphy from its teachings. But if you read his books carefully, appreciate his paintings, and have a chance to talk to him, the magic fades, what people will realize more is his profound knowledge, outstanding talent, frank and stubborn character, wise and interesting talk and writing hard.


Old Urchin Huang Yongyu's true character, his works in the painting with the poem, this is a "gladiator figure" he painted in 1982, with cartoon characters, this is his traditional painting style, the figures in the painting are vivid in different shapes and spirits. Huang Yongyu painted a lot, but his paintings were Nothing in Common and full of life. His paintings like "black to white" , this reverse inheritance not only makes the main body look prominent, colorful, but also appears very heavy, strong. He used this painting to show the theme of "Five Deer Yue, Zhu Yun folding its horn" , the painting is very profound, has a distinct personality. Dare to eulogize the true, the good and the beautiful, and dare to whip the false and the ugly. But the market accepts is the calligraphy and painting work the genuine article, therefore his work at present has the economic value and the appreciation space in the market!    


This painting, a gladiator figure by Huang Yongyu, has been evaluated by the Marketing Department of Guopei Auction Co. , Ltd. and is now on the market. Interested buyers and collectors may contact the company for more information about the collection and bid for the number plate.



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